ABTA Offers


ABTA offers thought leadership on trade issues in Asia; capacity building for both businesses and governments; advocacy on behalf of our members; and corporate advisory services.

We are ready to deploy our expertise to:

• Advocate on trade and regulatory issues for businesses through active negotiations and discussions with trade officials and government bodies;

• Keep members at the forefront of trade developments with the latest industry information and critical analysis;

• Provide the opportunity to network and develop contacts with other players, intermediaries and stakeholders in related industries;

• Promote the use of common standards and best practices in Asia;

• Facilitate cross border transactions by ensuring improved awareness of the regulatory environments in Asia.

Three Pillars

ABTA has three main pillars that provide the structure for the Association activities.  These pillars are:

1.  Trade agreements

2.  Next generation trade issues

3.  Fostering SME capabilities

Working Groups

ABTA operates using Working Groups.  Each group works on cross-cutting issues of interest to members. For example,  e-commerce and digital trade could include companies from tech, retail, and electronics who all have same issues.  

Early projects include the following:

1.  Trade agreements

2.  Next generation trade issues

  • E-Commerce and digital trade
  • Financial technology and financial services expansion

3.  Fostering SME capabilities